HomeFRUIT SAMOSA (Dehydrated fruit Leather Samosa)
FRUIT SAMOSA (Dehydrated fruit Leather Samosa)
FRUIT SAMOSA (Dehydrated fruit Leather Samosa)FRUIT SAMOSA (Dehydrated fruit Leather Samosa)FRUIT SAMOSA (Dehydrated fruit Leather Samosa)
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FRUIT SAMOSA (Dehydrated fruit Leather Samosa)

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Product Description

Delicious authentic Indian fruit samosa mixed with a wide range of dehydrated fruits like Apple, Pineapple, and roasted cashews, without compromising on nutritious values to consume the wholesomeness of fruit. 

Fruit Samosa is nothing but it is made up of fresh fruits which drain the moisture content and undergo the process of Sun Drying through advanced dehydrators.

Fruit samosa helps in taking whole natural proteins at one go with minimal overhead. It has Anti-inflammatory benefits to heal the body.

Net weight 100 grams Fruit Samosa (4 Pieces).

Best Before (Shelf value): 2 months

Additional Sources:

Fruit samosa dehydrates up to 40 degrees celsius.

Zero airflows to ensure no bacteria form

Zero humidity to ensure no fungus inside the chamber. 

It is a 100% solar-dried product.

100% Vegetarian.

NO ADDED Preservatives.



Dehydrated Apple

Dehydrated Pineapple

Roasted Cashews

Chia Seeds

Top Layered with Alphonso Mango

Health Benefits:

Dehydrated fruits are low in calories.

Helps in weight loss

Improves the digestive system

Detoxify the body with antioxidant features 


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