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Moringa Leaves Mix (Drumstick/Munagaku)
Moringa Leaves Mix (Drumstick/Munagaku)Moringa Leaves Mix (Drumstick/Munagaku)
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Moringa Leaves Mix (Drumstick/Munagaku)

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Product Description

Sun-Dried Moringa mix extracts from famous Indian drumstick tree leaves. It has been used widely due to its body healing properties to protect and benefit the health. It has a range of vitamins, minerals, and Proteins to fully fill the total intake of nutritious values with just 2 tablespoons of moringa powder. It is very rich in healthy oxidants and bioactive plant compounds.

Net weight 100 grams Moringa Mix Tin

Additional Sources:

100 grams of Moringa mix powder is made up of 1kg fresh moringa drumstick leaves.

For every 250 grams, we can use 2 tablespoons of moringa mix powder.

It is a 100% solar-dried product.

100% Vegetarian.

NO ADDED Preservatives.


Zero airflows to ensure no bacteria form

Zero humidity to ensure no fungus inside the chamber.

Best Before (Shelf Value):12 months


Spinach leaves dried

Green Chili

Sesame Seeds

Ginger Powder

Garlic Powder

Cumin Seeds



Kasuri Methi

Onion Dried 

Health Benefits: 

Helps in improving the skin tone and hair volume.

It prevents Asthma, Cancer, Lower Blood Pressure, and many more.

Boost Metabolism

For good eyesight

Neurological benefits

Help in the strengthening of muscles

Improves the Digestive system

Atherosclerosis & Strokes

Prevents Osteoporosis

Macular Degeneration


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