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Coriander Leaves MixCoriander Leaves MixCoriander Leaves Mix
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Coriander Leaves Mix

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Product Description

The green leaves of coriander, also commonly known as cilantro, aromatic coriander seed is used in curry-based dishes, several ethnic dishes, soups, pickled vegetables, cooked vegetables, bread, and stews.

Consuming Coriander can have multiple benefits for the entire body. From lowering sugar levels to boosting immunity, from hair rejuvenation to skin cleansing, the possible health benefits of Coriander are endless.

Net weight 100 grams Coriander Mix Tin

Additional Sources:

100 grams of Coriander mix powder is made up of 1kg fresh Coriander leaves.

For every 250 grams, we can use 2 tablespoons of Coriander mix powder.

It is a 100% solar-dried product.

100% Vegetarian.

NO ADDED Preservatives.


Zero airflows to ensure no bacteria form

Zero humidity to ensure no fungus inside the chamber. 

Best Before (Shelf Value):12 months 

Research proves that coriander can be beneficial to health in the following ways:

Health Benefits:

1. Lowers blood sugar levels

2. Boosts immunity

3. Improves heart health

4. Protects brain health

5. Promotes digestion and gut health

6. Improves Kidney functioning


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